Week 252

The week of Jul 4, 2016 – Jul 10, 2016

Audible, side project frustrations…

Monday: An unproductive day at work. Left early to take my sister to the airport. Was nice having her here for a week. Wasted the evening on the net.

I’m someone who, when I find something that works, I stick with it and don’t investigate alternatives. So it had been with listening to podcasts. My long-standing method to get podcasts onto a USB stick has worked well, but perhaps simply using the podcast app over a blue tooth connection to my car sound system is better. First impressions favourable.

Tuesday: Body corporate site meeting. Side project coding, battling to get Qt and CMake working together without resorting to Visual Studio.

Signed up for Audible. My intention is to use it for non-fiction books that I’d like to read, but always seem to come a distant second to easier and more entertaining fiction. I’m using my free first credit for a book that has been on my Amazon wish list for ages.

Wednesday: Loving the reduced traffic during school holidays. Leaving home the same time but taking a more leisurely route to work. Attended a Cape Town Tech Talk on renewable energy. Somewhat interesting.

I feel in limbo at work: I’m up to date with my work, but we’re not at the point in our development stage where starting new work is possible. I find this period in the cycle frustrating. so I’m revisiting an older project not bound to version control.

Thursday: Poker with the boys, I came second. A good evening.

Friday: finally managed to get my PCL/Qt side project building using QMake rather than a horrible mix of Qt creator, MSVC and CMake. But only in release mode.

Enjoying listening to an audio book via Audible.

Saturday: Took a full garbage bag of old clothes to the Disaster Risk Manager Centre as a donation. I got to walk through the main response room, quite impressive. Lunch with mom, some woodwork. Gym, grocery shopping. Spent the evening troubleshooting my sideline project. Frustratingly difficult.

Sunday: Lazy morning, lunch with mom at Ferryman’s. Watched the British F1 grand Prix. Really battling with build issues and PCL.

A pretty good weekend, but can’t say I maximised the good weather.

My work week was divided as follows: 20% testing, 10% bug fixing, 70% other.

Podcasts listened to this week: Stack Exchange Podcast 71, CppCast 

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