Week 292

The week of Apr 10, 2017 – Apr 23, 2017

Easter weekend house-sitting…

Monday: Missed gym because I forgot my clothes at home, grrr. Successful Builders Warehouse visit. Successful library visit. A beer at Perseverance Tavern to wait out the traffic . Reading, early to bed.

Tuesday: Slept well. Body corporate meeting.

Wednesday: Gym session with Johnny. Took mom to the airport. Started house sitting. Reading.

Thursday: Up and away early. Croissant from Vovo Telo for breakfast. Finished work slightly early for the long Easter weekend. Quick stop at my flat, then on to house. Failed attempt at a good hot cross bun pudding.

Friday: Good Friday. At my flat to do various computer related tasks. Getting a blog post together on my raspberry pi time lapse project. A productive few hours. Back to the house, rented the finale of Boardwalk Empire. Reading.

Saturday: Finished reading Birdy, by William Wharton. Spent most of the day planning and installing conduit to make the well point wiring neater and safer. Takeaway burger from Ashley’s. Watched the Formula 1 qualifying. Reading.
BirdyBirdy by William Wharton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

About birds, and becoming crazy. Easy to read. Somewhat disturbing in parts.
Sunday: Gym, grocery shopping, family lunch at Tracy’s. Formula 1 watching.

My work week was divided as follows: 80% bug fixing, 20% support.

Podcasts listened to this week: None. (rather been listening to an audio book)

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