Week 332

The week of Jan 15, 2018 – Jan 21, 2018

Retirement village and old age home visiting…

Monday: Gym: super circuit. Signed up for the next Coursera course and made a start on it.

Tuesday: Thinking about perhaps selling my flat and buying mom’s house. Coursera work. YouTube watching.

Wednesday: Gym session with Johnny. Coursera work.

Thursday: Completed the Coursera assignment. Finished reading The Golden House by Salmon Rushdie.
The Golden HouseThe Golden House by Salman Rushdie
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Too wordy, allegorical and intellectual for me. I got bored and skimmed the last few chapters just to make it stop.

Friday: After work beers with colleagues. Watched movie Ex Machina. Didn’t make an impression on me.

Saturday: Didn’t sleep well. Was awake between 2am and 5. Watched YouTube in that time. Took mom to see two CPOA facilities. Lunch at Cafe Magnifico. A good woodworking afternoon. Dinner with Paul, barbs and Heidi at the new Jakes on the Common in Noordhoek. Noisy and bad lighting, nice ravioli starter, average butter chicken main. Tired.

Sunday: Woke earlier than I’d like to have. A walk around Harfield. Woodworking, takeaway lunch with mom. A second visit to Pinelands Grove. Painted stencil lettering on some buckets for body corporate purposes. Chores.

My work week was divided into: 100% refactoring.

Podcasts listened to this week: NPR’s How I Built This; BBC Books & Authors; NPR’s What It Takes; The Inside Lane; 

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