Week 333

The week of Jan 22, 2018 – Jan 28, 2018


Monday: Body corporate work. Coursera work

Tuesday: Coursera work. Mind overwrought on mom and property concerns. Thinking of selling my flat and buying her house.

Wednesday: Gym session with Johnny. Gave up on the Coursera course. The indecision and uncertainty around my mother selling and moving to a retirement village is weighing a lot on my mind. It does impact on me as well. I want the best for her.

Thursday: Beers with Greig at Jake’s in the Village. Good catching up with him again. Didn’t sleep well, overwrought.

Friday: Moved furniture in preparation for weekend painting. Nice stuff at Gelmar shop.

Saturday: Picked up Andy the painter from the station. Got him setup to paint my lounge. Haircut, woodwork. Back to see how Andy was progressing. He’d done amazingly well, but horrifyingly had used previous water to washed the roller and paint tray. Quick catch up with Helga and offloaded to her what’s on my mind. A very good woodworking day, made excellent progress on the bookcase. Rearranged my lounge. Watched Pulp Fiction, good fun.

Sunday: Grocery shopping. Hardware store. A little woodworking. Went back to Pinelands Grove where mom signed an OTP. A momentous decision for her. Helped her clear space for painting.

Podcasts listened to this week: Dot Net Rocks; TED Radio Hour; Making It; Tim Ferriss.

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