Week 336

The week of Feb 12, 2018 – Mar 18, 2018

Late post, very distracted…

Monday: Gym session. Worked on a price list for moms furniture to be sold. Advertised a few ad-hoc items on Gumtree and OLX.

Tuesday: Unsuccessful library visit because it was closed for stock taking. Avoided traffic by going to the waterfront instead. Grocery shopping, and a quick beer at Ferryman’s.

Wednesday: Gym session with Johnny. Visit to mom’s to help with various things related to the sale.

Thursday: Assembled my garage shelving.

Friday: Wrangled the shelving into place. Quick trip to mom’s to collect brackets. Got to see the wood delivered for her cabinets.

Saturday: A productive day. Early start to install the garage shelving and brackets. Body corporate work. Fixed mom’s guttering. Woodworking on the false front study trolley. Walk with Barbs and Helga in Sea Point. Dinner with Helga at Manga. Enjoyed the Poke bowl.

Sunday: First coat of varnish on the garage shelving. Grocery shopping. Installed the repaired gutter at mom’s. Lunch at Pinelands Cattle Barrel. Helped mom clear out one wardrobe. Second coat of varnish on the shelving.

My work week was divided into: 40% testing and documentation, 40% new work, 20% refactoring.

Podcasts listened to this week: The Inside Line F1, Making It #155, CppCast. BBC A Good Read.

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