Week 337

The week of Feb 19, 2018 – Mar 25, 2018

Busy with mom’s sale and move…

Monday: Squash with Dawie. Final coat of varnish on the garage shelves. Pricing mom’s house contents.

Tuesday: An eventful day regarding the house sale. Buyer got the bond. Mom had successful CPOA interview. Electrical Clearance certificate quote came back less than we’d feared.

Body corporate trustees meeting. Dinner with David at Cape Town Fish Market.

Wednesday: Gym session with Johnny. Delivery of bottled water at work was impressive. I bought 20 bottles. Library visit. Beer and pizza at the Perseverance Tavern to avoid traffic.

Thursday: Played bowls for the first time. Brian and Di needed a stand in. I’m not a natural. Was fun to be in a sports club environment again.

Friday: Dinner with Greig and Nicky, Si and Paula. AFter 20+ years Si has resigned from his job. Wow! Uber’ed there and back. Didn’t sleep well.

Saturday: A good Woodworking day. Built the majority of the two bookcases for mom’s new custom furniture. Early night.

Sunday: Slept ok, but not great. Finished the bookcases. Helped Greig taper trim some chipboard boards. Lunch with mom at Mountain View Farm. Really good chicken burger. Experimental with the sliding door runner mechanism for next weekend project.

My work week was divided: 80% refactoring and 20% bug fixing.

Podcasts listened to this week: WoodTalk #426; NPR What It Takes; Audible podcast: The Butterfly Effect.

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