Week 338

The week of Feb 26, 2018 – Mar 4, 2018

Feeling the pressure of mom’s imminent move…

Monday: Skipped gym and instead got to Gelmar to buy supplies for moms bookcase and cabinet build. Planned a cutting list for some custom cabinets in my kitchen to give it a more refined look if I am to sell it. But building them will be a challenge without a workshop. Discovered that my vehicle license has expired.

Tuesday: Ordered my vehicle license through a cool service where someone will go collect it for me. Worked beautifully. Money well spent. More planning and dimensioning for upcoming weekend woodworking. Feeling the pressure.

Wednesday: Gym session with Johnny. Evening at mom’s to help with move preparation. It’s all getting a bit too much for her. Quick beer and takeaway at Thai World.

Thursday: Poker with the boys, I came second. My poker year is starting off well, two second places in a row.

Friday: DVD collection at Loot, after work drinks with colleagues. A de-stress evening.

Saturday: Mom’s birthday, took her for breakfast at Fairview. A successful woodworking day spent on mom’s cabinets.

Sunday: More woodworking, feeling the pressure of needing to be out of the workshop in a month. Watched No Country for Old Men.

My work week was 100% refactoring.

Podcasts listened to this week: no podcasts, but listening to an Audible podcast series The Dark Web.

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