Week 341

The week of Mar 19, 2018 – Mar 25, 2018

Tired, in a rut…

Monday: Bit of a different day at work where I met some customers of ours at their office to get their input on features. After work made a start on a fold down work surface on my garage. Watched OITNB.

Tuesday: Got caught in bad traffic home and stopped instead at the Wild Fig for a beer. Watched OITNB.

Wednesday: Public holiday: Did a wash with my new Sputnik machine, the novelty will surely where-off. Completed the folddown work surface in my garage. Haircut with Lynne. Shoe shopping at Canal Walk and lunch at Primi Piatti. Watched four episodes of OITNB.

Thursday: Rested a sore wrist. Did nothing other than binge watch OITNB.

Friday: Dropped off torn jeans at a tailor for repairs. Grocery shopping, binge watching OITNB.

Saturday: Tyre rotation. Clearing the garage. House clearing. Moving on sales. Visited Pinelands Grove for measurements. Took home various wood and tools. My 1 year old Samsung TV switched off while I was watching something and won’t turn back on. Unimpressed.

Sunday: Didn’t sleep well. Woke at 2, watched part of a movie on my PC via Netflix, went back to bed at 4. Still struggled to sleep and eventually Slept till 8. Another day slept clearing the garage. Lunch with mom at Banana Jam.

My work week was dividedĀ as follows: 75% new work and 25% other

Podcasts listened to this week: CppCast; NPR What It Takes; NPR How I Built This; Inside Line F1

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