Week 343

The week of Apr 2, 2018 – Apr 8, 2018

Italics description…

Monday: Public holiday. A busy day. A lot of clearing up in preparation for the junk collection. Collected Steph from the airport after a miserable multiple hour BA delay. End of long and tiring busy work weekend.

Tuesday: Tired. Body corporate trustees meeting. Thai World takeout.

Wednesday: Light gym session with Johnny. Feel like I’m coming down with a cold. Dinner at Hoghouse with mom and Steph. They’re doing well with packing.

Thursday: Poker with the boys. I came fourth.

Friday: Dropped off clothes at the tailor for repairs. Straight home after work.

Saturday: Took mom Steph and Dixie to the airport. Running around getting stuff done, framer, Thule parts, bubble wrap. Packed a dinner service for selling via Gumtree. Finished season 1 of Ozark.

Sunday: Grocery shopping. Unsuccessful Canal Walk visit trying to find a small square dining table. Brenton’s 45 birthday party at Cape Point Vineyards. Good time, nice seeing Bev and Brendon after what must be 20 years. People don’t change.

My work week was divided into: 100% new work.

Podcasts listened to this week: NPR: How I Built This, Making It, CppCast, BBC Books & Authors.

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