Week 344

The week of Apr 9, 2018 – Apr 15, 2018


Monday: Dentist appointment – part 2 of the root canal. Collected mom from airport. Tidied my medicine cabinet, threw away a lot of expired items.

Tuesday: Made an application for a further bond on my home loan. Second coat of varnish on the small table for mom. Tidied my desk.

Started drinking much more water during the day and at night and I’m sleeping so much better. Coincidence?

Wednesday: Gym session with Johnny. Final coat of varnish on the small table. Dropped off my vacuum machine at mom’s for the final stretch. Sushi takeaway from home. Admin.

Thursday: Broke a tooth, another dentist appointment is on the horizon. Stayed late at week finalising the further bond spring documents application. Quiz night at Lakeside with Barbs and others.

Friday: Slow evening, tired end of week. Watched a documentary on YouTube about Syd Barrett and the early days of pink Floyd. Watched Netflix movie 12 Monkeys.

Saturday: Frustrating time spent trying to locate where my TV sent in for repairs actually is. House clearing. Watched walking dead episode. A bit of relaxation went to labia and saw good movie, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri.

Sunday: F1 watching. House clearing. Poco store in Parklands an interesting place, similar to Tafelberg Furnishers. Lunch at Black Angus. More house clearing. Grocery shopping, chores, watched Taking of Pelham 123.

My work week was divided into 100% sideline project (might become real feature).

Podcasts listened to this week: Making It, CppCast, Wood Talk, NPR What It Takes, F1 Inside Line.

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