Week 358

The week of Jul 16, 2018 – Jul 22, 2018

Feeling relaxed…

Monday: Gym, reading, side project coding.

Tuesday: Went to the Labia to see Molly’s Game. Pretty good movie.

Wednesday: Grocery shopping, quick visit to mom’s, she’s struggling with everything. Finished reading The Days of Abandonment, by Elena Ferrante.
The Days of AbandonmentThe Days of Abandonment by Elena Ferrante
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Powerful and devastating. I can imagine everything about it to be true and realistic, which is why it’s disturbing: a portrayal of how vulnerable a person can be to mental instability.

Thursday: Drinks with Greig at Toad in the Village. Great catching up with him. Reading.

Friday: Enjoying a side project reading WKT into a tree for parsing. After work drinks with colleagues. Watched an episode of a Vietnam war documentary.

Saturday: Brunch with mom at exclusive books, waterfront. Climbed Elsie’s Peak with Julia, Helga and Rose. Thai World takeout, reading.

Sunday: Grocery shopping, admin for mom, unsuccessful attempt at registering her for internet banking, the Absa registering procedure is poor, cooked a small lunch. Coffee and cake at Cafeen. Watched the German formula 1 race, a beer at Rascals, chores, reading.

My work week was divided into: 60% testing, 20% bug fixing, 20% side project

Podcasts listened to this week: Making It, CppCast, Inside Line.

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