Week 362

The week of Aug 13, 2018 – Aug 19, 2018

Relocation on my mind…

Monday: Missed gym because of boring but pressing office IT issues. Watched TV.

Tuesday: I’ve been asked to relocate to the Netherlands to help with my company’s international expansion. Is a difficult thing to be asked to do. After-work gym. Watched more of the Netflix Vietnam War documentary.

Wednesday: Took mom for follow-up cardiologist appointment. This ended up being a non-event due to her fitness levels not accommodating an increased heart rate test.

Thursday: Indian takeaway from Punjab Express. Hauled out my unused laptop and did it’s updates. Finished reading Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.
Heart of DarknessHeart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

A guy goes up a river to fetch another guy. I think. The rest was lost on me.

Friday: Briefly caught up with Julia. Some side project work. Finished watching the Vietnam War documentary.

Pretty much decided I’ve got no real desire to relocate anywhere.

Saturday: Unsuccessfully tried fixing a hot water tap washer. Problems with my geyser. A little limited tools woodwork project. Lunch with mom at Van Hunks. Grocery shopping.

Sunday: Full morning if cooking. Made a beef, leek and Guinness pie. Last family lunch before Tracy and family return to the Netherlands. Walked around Harfield and lower Kenilworth. Chores, watched Minority Report.

My work week was divided into: 60% testing, 20% new work, 10% bug fixing, 10% IT.

Podcasts listened to this week: Software Engineering Radio #333; NYT Book Review; Making It #177; CppChat.

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