Week 371

The week of Oct 15, 2018 – Oct 21, 2018

Mostly all good…

Monday: Slept well. Gym: squash with Dawie. Some body corporate work. Wasted the evening watching YouTube, worse than usual. I’m in a slump.

Tuesday: Slept well again, two nights in a row! Body corporate work. Watched more of the Netflix Civil War documentary. Fell asleep halfway through.

Wednesday: Grocery shopping. Researching Qt Quick, have an idea for an app.

Thursday:┬áPodcast walk around Tokai Park. Quiz night at Col’cachio, Steenberg, another LCW charity event. I think I prefer the scout hall version.

Friday: Feeling good at work. Approaching the next period of new development. Prefer that to testing. Lazy evening.

Saturday: Rondebosch Common parkrun. Tires rotated. Haircut. Lunch with mom at Ocean Basket, Canal Walk. Grocery shopping. Lazy evening. Watched Walking Dead episode on DStv now.

Sunday: Walked around Tokai Park. Gym. Cooked oldstyle hamburgers for mom and I. Went to the Labia to see A Star is Born. Not bad.

My work week was divided into: 20% bug fixing; 40% new work; 20% testing; 20% build master;

Podcasts listened to this week: CppCast; Code Newbies; BBC Open Book; Making It;

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