Week 390

The week of Feb 25, 2019 – Mar 3, 2019

Plumbing frustrations…

Monday: On leave for the day to supervise plumbers. A frustrating day. The work is incomplete and they need to return on Saturday. Cooked a nice steak.

Tuesday: Getting irritated with the outstanding plumbing work. I think they’ve made mistakes.

Wednesday: Hardware shopping, grocery shopping. NCIS watching.

Thursday: Successful and satisfactory day at work programming something new. Newbie bowls at Mowbray on the rain. We came 19th out of 20, still fun.

Friday: Feeling tired and apprehensive about plumbing works.

Saturday: The plumbers, but not their boss, arrived an hour and a half late. We worked until 1pm. Work not finished, and a leak sprung in the pipe servicing one of the flats below. Cake and coffee with mom at Cafe Magnifico. Dinner at Cafe Verdi with Barbs, Helga and Heidi before seeing Richard III at Maynardville open air theatre. I fell asleep. Uber’ed there, lift home from Helga.

Sunday: Early gym session and grocery shopping. Mom’s birthday. Took her out for a harbour boat trip at the Waterfront, lunch then an Atlantic seaboard drive. Watched NCIS. Chores.

I’m thankful for:┬áThe leaking pipe problem should be solved easily, I could spend time with mom on her birthday.

My work week was divided into: 25% refactoring, 75% new work.

Podcasts listened to this week: NPR’s TED Radio Hour

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