Week 407

The week of Jun 24, 2019 – Jun 30, 2019

Busy week…

Monday: Gym: super circuit. Very nice chicken korma takeaway from the new Harfield Village Punjab. Wasted the evening.

Tuesday: Cashed in a tiny amount of bitcoin I bought in mid 2017. Doubled my money. It’ll pay for some photography I’m thinking of doing.

Wednesday: Gym session with Johnny. Body corporate trustees meeting.

Thursday: Quiz night at Palmyra Junction Knead with Paul, Barry and Lilly. We were out of our depth in the music round with questions only from the post 2000s era!

Friday: Early morning gym session. Quick midday catch-up with Julia. Grocery shopping, TV watching.

Saturday: A little work at Maker Station. Car start problems for mom. Helped her with groceries, and a quick lunch at Parks Edge in Kenilworth. Worked on the panel, staining. Wasted the evening.

Sunday: First coat if varnish on the panel. Helped mom with chores then lunch with mom at Van Hunks. Watched the Austrian F1 grand Prix. Chores, TV watching, reading.

My work week was divided into: Testing 40%; New development 20%; Code review 20%; Bug fixing 10%; Sideline project 10%.

Podcasts listened to this week: Making It; Inside Line F1; BBC Books & Authors

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Capetonian, software developer, land surveyor.
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