Week 411

The week of Jul 22, 2019 – Jul 28, 2019

Quiet week…

Monday: Back to work after one week holiday. Slow day. Short gym session with Johnny. Watched Homeland episodes. Each time I come back from my sister’s I’ve got a series to binge watch.

Tuesday: A very cold and rainy day. Punjab takeaway. All I did was watch Homeland episodes.

Wednesday: Gym. LCW quiz night at Col’cachios. I won a protea flower in a vase.

Thursday: Flat tyre on the way to work sure to a pothole. Changed it by the side of a Wynberg road when cold and dark. The whole tyre needs to be replaced together with rim repairs. An expensive commute.

Friday: Work function 30yr anniversary. Good evening at Incognito Bar, Alphen Hotel. Barbs accompanied me. Home by Uber.

Saturday: Massage. Lunch with mom at Biharis. Afternoon snooze. Binge watched Homeland.

Sunday: Victoria Wharf is not a good place to try find a breakfast spot. Brunch instead with mom at Bootleggers, Greenpoint. Watched the German formula 1 Grand Prix.

My work week was divided into: New development 50%; Meetings/meeting preparation 40%; Documentation 10%.

Podcasts listened to this week: BBC Books & Authors; TED Radio Hour; Inside Line F1; Beyond the Grid.

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Capetonian, software developer, land surveyor.
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