Week 419

The week of Sep 16, 2019 – Sep 22, 2019

Long weekend…

Monday: Tough gym session with Johnny and his brother-in-law Ben. An evening of chores and ticking items of a to-do list.

Tuesday: Punjab takeaways with Susan at her place. Looks like I have an adventure on the horizon. We discussed options for our trip to Harare, Kariba, Lusaka and Livingstone.

Wednesday: Woke up with a stiff and sore neck. Took a muscle relaxant and cancelled gym session. Body corporate trustees meeting.

Thursday: Neck is still sore. Visited Jenny de Klerk Physio for a massage, felt somewhat better afterwards. Quiz night with Paul, Barbs, Gareth and Susan.

Friday: Dinner with Susan and Terry. We booked flights for our adventure.

Saturday: Start of a long weekend. Lazy morning. Then off to a very nice braai at Jill and Brenton’s, we first watched the SA vs NZ rugby match. Briefly introduced Susan to Majik Forest. We’ve agreed to go back again soon. Started watching a Netflix series on ancient Roman Empire.

Sunday: Family day. Mon and Susan got introduced. Lunch at Damhuis with Steph, Jay, Mom, Susan, Goltz, Michaela, and Cheryl. Susan was a big hit. Back home and watched more of Roman Empire.

My work week was divided into: Testing 67%; Bug fixing 17%; Meetings/meeting preparation 10%; Code review 7%.

Podcasts listened to this week: NY Times Book Review; BBC Books & Authors; Beyond the Grid;

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