Week 420

The week of Sep 23, 2019 – Sep 29, 2019

New furniture…

Monday: A day of leave. Auction company Hofmeyr & Mills collected much of my lounge furniture and took it away. Then Panga Panga delivered my new sofas. Then Lanark delivered my new kiaat dining table. A great new look and feel to my lounge. Grocery shopping. A very busy day.

Tuesday: Public holiday: Heritage Day. Early gym session. Scotchgarding the new furniture. Coffee with mom, Steph and Jay. Braai with Susan at Tinky’s home. Tinky’s gather brought a leg of impala to braai. Then an afternoon siesta of sorts. And then a home cooked Thai curry to meet Susan’s friends Di and Richard.

Wednesday: Accompanied mom to her midday cardio appointment at Vincent Palotti. Cooked tuna supper for Susan and I. We finished season 2 of Roman Empire.

Thursday: Body corporate AGM and trustees meeting. Visited Susan before she has a weekend away.

Friday: Early morning before work gym session. Hit the 7000 rep score on StackOverflow.

Saturday: Used my table saw for the first time in 18 months. Very satisfying. Cut the parts for an oven top cabinet. Lunch with mom and Denise at Da Vinci’s. Pretty good burger in a bowl. Watched TV.

Sunday: Gym session. Chores and body corporate work. Watched Formula 1. Soup and movie at Susan’s. Finished watching Unbelievable, a very good series.

My work week was divided into: Building install 40%; Testing 20%; Holiday 20%; Leave 20%.

Podcasts listened to this week: NPR What It Takes; F1 Beyond The Grid; CppCast; 

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