Week 421

The week of Sep 30, 2019 – Oct 6, 2019

A very busy week…

Monday: Gym session with Johnny. Chores and catching up with things.

Tuesday: Collected keys for my rental flat. A month of minor renovating begins. Trustees meeting with new group of trustees. They seem keen and eager. Very nice later supper with Susan at her place.

Wednesday: Tough gym session with Johnny. Evening spent with Susan at my place booking accommodation for our Livingstone trip. Susan leaves for a Kruger Park holiday.

Thursday: Tried the pomodoro technique while testing. Works well at keeping distractions to designated times for breaks. Met Neil from Top Carpets to get quote on flooring. Poker with the boys. I did OK but not great.

Friday: After work drinks. YouTube watching. Early night.

Saturday: Dropped off wood for edge banding, ordered external wood cut to size for replacement balcony handrail, got spare keys cut and checked they worked. Made plans to meet with Neil again and with a painter. Lunch with mom at The Brasserie. Afternoon snooze, then a walk-jog-walk twice around Rondebosch Common. Dinner with David at The Eatery. WhatsApp catch-up with Susan.

Sunday: Gym, grocery shopping, chores. Canal Walk with mom to let her see Downton Abbey. Wasn’t bad. Lazy afternoon. Ironing. Netflix watching.

My work week was divided into: Testing 90%; Bug fixing 10%.

Podcasts listened to this week: BBC Books & Authors; Inside Line F1; Making It; 

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