Week 424

The week of Oct 21, 2019 – Oct 27, 2019

Start of Zim/Zambia trip…

Monday: Met Faiek the handyman at the rental flat and gave him the cabinet doors and drawer front work I’d intended to do. Susan and I did some planning and shopping for the trip. It’s getting close.

Tuesday: Faiek completed all the work I needed, and did very well too. I’m very pleased. Susan and I inspected the work. A visit to the Medicross to get my vaccination card signed. Pnp visit for trip toiletries. Fish and chips takeaway. A little packing.

Wednesday: Gym session with Johnny. Dinner with mom and Susan at Hoghouse, Pinelands. Nice food. Mom won’t be seeing me for a couple of weeks.

Thursday: Busy midday lunch hour. Dropped off the rental flat keys with the agents, bought Ziploc bags and a boerie roll for lunch. Evening packing.

Thursday: I’ve been enjoying seeing Susan for midweek evening shopping and random chores.

Friday: Half day at work. Start of Zim/Zambia trip with Susan and Terry. Flight to Harare. Picked up by Jono with complimentary drinks and snacks en route. Taken to his very beautiful house. Cheese and biscuits.

Saturday: Breakfast at the Bottom Drawer coffee shop and market. Visited the National Gallery for a Rembrandt exhibition. Jono took us on a walk around Harare city centre. Very impressive cathedral. Afternoon swim. Diwali celebration, more of a drinking session.

Sunday: A little grocery shopping at a Spar, the normal stuff is available but payment is confusing. Jono took us on a game drive in Lake Chivero national park. Very nice lunch time braai. Lazy afternoon and evening spent on the big house stoep.

My impressions of Harare is that it’s sad and depressing because there are signs everywhere of what it must have been like, but is no more. Instead lawlessness in traffic is rife, road condition is terrible, electricity and water is unreliable, payment and currencies is a mess. But it’s still a pretty place, jacarandas, bougainvilleas, flame trees, green foliage everywhere.

My work week was divided into: Research / planning 40%; Building install 30%; Meetings/meeting preparation 20%; Leave 10%.

Podcasts listened to this week: NPR’s What It Takes.

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