Week 425

The week of Oct 28, 2019 – Nov 3, 2019

Kariba …

Monday: Driving around parts of Harare visiting people in Jono’s book for Susan to photograph. Nice lunch at Tinkerbell’s restaurant. Red Lion pub at Salisbury sports club. An afternoon swim, then more visiting of people and photographs. A meal at Pariah State restaurant in Avondale. Tired, probably because of the heat, consistently > 35°.

Tuesday: An early start, drive to Kariba. The drive is firstly along the tarred road to Zambia where trucking is heavy, then on a dirt road to Charara, location of the Kariba Invitational Tiger Fishing Tournament. Stopped for the customary beer at the baobab tree. Got introduced to the tournament directors and got settled into our accommodation at Wild Heritage. Watched the tournament opening ceremony followed by beers at the Long Bar. Toothache starting to get severe, I suspect an abscess.

Wednesday: An early start to drop Susan off to go photograph the starting flare by boat. Jono and I watched the start from the closest point which was still far way. Went to a dentist in Kariba township – not very confidence inspiring. Diagnosis: a cyst that needs to be treated with antibiotics before going further. A most welcome afternoon rest. Back to the evening event of Susan photographing the fishermen returning to the weighbridge. I’m a little bored.

Thursday: A pleasant morning of doing nothing other than reading, and watching a herd of zebra print within 30m of our accommodation. Then with Susan back we went to Kariba town for a few photographs. Pleasing to see the dam wall. Back to the tournament area. Home, Susan is exhausted.

Friday: Interesting day traipsing around Kariba with Jono for information for his book. A few beers at harbour view pub. Watched the tournament closing prize giving, too tired to enjoy the after-party.

Saturday: Forgot to take malaria tablets for at least one day. Crossed over to Zambia via Kariba Dam wall. Fascinating place. Checked in to Eagles Rest, lovely place in not so lovely Siavonga, watched the RWC final at the bar. Photographing in the evening. Dinner, just Susan and I, again on the beach at Eagles Rest. Enjoying the local beer: Mosi.

Sunday: Exhausting 7hr road trip, but eventually arrived in Livingstone. Drinks by the pool. Pizza meal out. Everyone feeling relieved.

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