Week 426

The week of Nov 4, 2019 – Nov 10, 2019

Livingstone holiday and then back home…

Monday: Woke up at Fawlty Towers backpackers, Livingstone. Breakfast and a short stroll around the neighborhood. Susan and I then went off to the Zambian side of Vic falls which was bone dry. We walked across the border bridge to access Zimbabwe requiring the whole immigration thing. Lunch at the touristy restaurant there. The Falls from that side was more impressive. Then we went on a subset cruise which was fabulous. Early night.

Tuesday: A lazy boozy day. Checked out of Fawlty Towers, but remained there lazing at the pool. We transferred to Victoria Falls Waterfront, and checked in to the adventure tents accommodation, and had poolside Amarula. Very nice dinner at the restaurant there.

Wednesday: Didn’t sleep well. Packed, had breakfast, repacked. Shoes, socks and long legged pants for the first time in a week and a half. Flight from Livingstone to OR Tambo, then OR Tambo to Cape town. Finished reading ShadowPlay by Joseph O’Connor. Uber’ed home, first to Susan’s, then mine. Home by 9.

ShadowplayShadowplay by Joseph O’Connor
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I found this quite a tough read. The narrative chops and changes between people and this requires concentration to get the context.

The trip: we saw some lovely places, but in the whole it was overshadowed by it being a financial loss to Susan. She was worked like a dog, the work being not what she expected, and Jono being very demanding.

I think I don’t actually like traveling. Not being entirely self reliant, but needing to ask a host or employee for things and not wanting to abuse the visitor-employee relationship. Too much digging around in suitcases, with the entrenched South African fear of things being stolen. Not being able to stop and enjoy the moment. And especially with this trip I haven’t like not being in control of my own money. But still enjoyable seeing nice places.

Thursday: Back at work, feeling tired. Poker with the boys.

Friday: Slept solidly, woke up not sure what day it was. I’m not used to having someone to be be concerned about. Grocery shopping and a quick stop at Susan’s to see how she’s doing. YouTube watching and an early night.

Saturday: A busy day but a productive one. Gym, haircut. Cleared the rental flat of the few items remaining and took it to the dump. Showed mom the flat and had lunch at Palmyra Knead. My car seems to be developing troubles – YouTube research suggests a crankshaft position sensor problem. Tidied the garage and assembled the small kitchen cabinet project I’d put on the back burner. Ironing, another early night.

Sunday: A short walk at Rondebosch Common, really just to stretch my legs and to take my car for a short drive to see if problems reaccurs. Which they do. Small lunch with mom at Starke Ayres nursery. Chores, admin. Cooked a roast chicken dinner for Susan and I. Resumed our watching of Roman Empire.

My work week was divided into: Leave 60%; Building install 30%; Code review 10%.

Podcasts listened to this week: <none>

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