Week 450

The week of Apr 20, 2020 – Apr 26, 2020

Reacquainted¬†with podcasts…

Monday: The fibre router got delivered. I got it all setup, despite a ridiculous user interface. Tried making pancakes but the batter didn’t turn out well.

Tuesday: We fixed the pancake batter by adding more flour. Chromecast is easy to setup, but less easy to change to a new WiFi network.

Wednesday: Susan made cookies and I made banana bread.

Thursday: Jigsaw puzzle building. Waiting for president’s latest speech.

Friday: A video call from Steph. Finished watching Lord of the Rings. Nice dinner of pork sausages and brussel sprouts.

Saturday: A nice day all things considered. Watched a movie in bed. Tinned mussels on crackers for lunch. Jigsaw puzzle building. A video call to Susan’s father and mother in law. Really good spatch-cocked chicken supper. Watched more Bordertown episodes.

Sunday: Lazy morning. Watched YouTube in bed. Raked the leaves in the garden while listening to a podcast. Jigsaw puzzle building. Finished the pancake batter mixture.

My work week was divided into: New development 77%; Testing 10%; Bug fixing 7%; Building install 7%.

Podcasts listened to this week: Beyond the Grid, Making It

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