Week 452

The week of May 4, 2020 – May 10, 2020

Stocking up on food and supplies…

Monday: Just another day of lockdown. A grocery delivery from Raw Nutrition. Susan is struggling with her aches and pains.

Tuesday: A grocery delivery from Cool-Bananas

Wednesday: A grocery delivery from PnP Bottles

Thursday: Busy work day. Phone chat with mom. TV watching.

Friday: Delivery from Sixty60. Slow evening, Susan and I watching the sunset, listening to music. Shop bought oven pizza made nicer with onion, avo, more cheese and tomatoes.

Saturday: I went outside for the first time in six weeks for a walk up and down the road. Impressed to see all the people wearing masks. We both then went to see that everything was OK at my flat. 

Sunday: Lazy morning. Watched the very good Uncut Gems movie. Visited my flat to collect some things from my freezer and to take my car for a battery charging drive. Made a simple stand for my webcam. Susan and I went out (!) to Woolworths Cavendish Square to get a few more things. Caught up by phone with mom and we watched a lame MNet movie.

Our fridge and pantry cupboard is well and truly stocked!

My work week was divided as follows: Building install 80%; New development 20%.

Podcasts listened to this week: Making It, Beyond the Grid.

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