Week 456

The week of Jun 1, 2020 – Jun 7, 2020

Beer sales unbanned…

Monday: Susan’s having a day where the pain is back. She’s truly suffering.

Tuesday: Alcohol sales is unbanned again. I collected some beer from Home Bar, and some more from the bottle store which was thankfully quite empty (both of people and of stock). Nice to have a beer without rationing it. We made a nice mince and pasta dish.

Wednesday: A delivery of Jack Black beer. Exercise session over zoom with Johnny. A little walk around the neighborhood with Sue.

Thursday: Collected more beer from Home Bar again. I’m well stocked for weeks of social isolating, even level 5 lockdown if it returns like Sue thinks it will.

Friday: Ended the work week with virtual drinks over Teams with colleagues. Everyone has beer again after the unbanning if alcohol. Sue and I had pleasant evening with a warm fire and listening to music.

Saturday: Worked on my woodworking project in my garage. Sue came to see it and was impressed. We took a drive to get some frozen yoghurt in Rondebosch, and to see somewhere different. Loki greeted us when we got back and spent the evening with us making Sue happy. We finished season 1 of Money Heist.

Sunday: Lazy morning before raking up leaves and vacuuming the floors. Quick phone catch-up with Steph. Poor mom is getting depressed. Sue and I went for a short walk around the neighborhood. Watched TV.

My work week was divided into: New development 40%; Testing 30%; Research / planning 20%; Documentation 10%.

Podcasts listened to this week: NPR How I Built This; NY Times Book Review; Beyond The Grid; NPR What it Takes;

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