Week 458

The week of Jun 15, 2020 – Jun 21, 2020

Venturing out of our safe space to do some shopping…

Monday: A day in-between a weekend and a public holiday. Skipped gym to get to the hardware store. I’m expecting doing more leak repairs on Susan’s roof.

Tuesday: Public holiday. We visited a pet store to buy a scratching post for Loki. Lazy day there-after waiting for the roof to dry out. Eventually got up there to put another coat of waterproofing slurry on. Trustee meeting over zoom. I’m less involved than ever. We finished watching the series The Woods.

Wednesday: Work day, exercise session. Up on the roof for coat #2 of the waterproofing.

Thursday: Delivery from Cool-Bananas. Waterproofing coat #3. Sue finished her bone broth fast and we had snoek and stir-fried pak choi for dinner. Really good.

Friday: End of week virtual drinks with colleagues. Nice chicken dinner with Sue. TV watching.

Saturday: A busy day. Sue and I visited the new Score factory shop, then to my fish shop in Lakeside where we bought some lovely fresh fish. We haven’t had fresh fish since before the lockdown. Then I did some woodworking while Sue defrosted my freezer with a hairdryer. We had lunch before Sue’s mom popped round and I visited my mom. I did some body corporate work. Then early evening to bed.

Sunday: Very disappointed that my efforts at waterproofing haven’t solved the problem. Some body corporate work, admin. An afternoon of marathon soup making. A beetroot and sweet potato soup, and a leek, sweet potato and ginger soup. 

My work week was divided into: Bug fixing 30%; Building install 30%; Holiday 20%; Video recording, marketing material 10%; Meetings/meeting preparation 10%.

Podcasts listened to this week: CppCast

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