Week 460

The week of Jun 29, 2020 – Jul 5, 2020

Little to report…

Monday: Online grocery deliveries. Exercise session with Johnny. Susan made an awesome Tom yum soup. We’re now watching The Alienist.

Tuesday: Full time testing at work. Hardware shop visit.

Wednesday: Put a coat of waterproofing on where I think the roof leak might be.

Thursday: A rainy day which didn’t help with the waterproofing. Finished reading Due South from Copenhagen by Mark Winkler

Due South of CopenhagenDue South of Copenhagen by Mark Winkler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I like Mark’s books, every one so far. Long may they keep coming. This one has a theme of recollections and how memories can fail us, and sometimes that’s a good thing too. It reminds me of Atonement.

Friday: A lunch time run around the neighborhood. It felt good to get moving. Played Monopoly with Sue.

Saturday: A woodworking morning. Pizza for lunch. Big disappointment at finding a plumbing leak. Watched first F1 qualifying of the season. TV watching. Loki cat stayed over.

Sunday: Lazy Morning, then I got a little DIY done. We watched the first Formula 1 race of the season. Then TV watching. Probably too much.

My work week was divided into: Testing 90%; Bug fixing 10%.

Podcasts listened to this week: Book Lounge’s A Readers Community

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