Week 461

The week of Jul 6, 2020 – Jul 12, 2020

A very busy week…

Monday: A very busy day. Plumbers came round and fixed the leak. Then tree fellers came and gave a good quote and we accepted for them to do the work immediately. Turned out to be bigger than we expected with a huge amount of branches removed. I thought I’d lost a set of house keys but they turned up. We made a good pok-choi stir-fry for supper.

Tuesday: Online deliveries. Another day of lock down. The roof now gets daytime sunlight with the tree branches removed. I put the (second) first coat of waterproofing on the roof repair.

Wednesday: Lovely sunny winters day. Exercise session with Johnny. A second coat of waterproofing on the roof.

Thursday: A very rainy day. One roof leak has turned into three. Today marks one year since Susan and I had our photoshoot.

Friday: Very inconvenient return of load shedding. We made a lovely fire in the bedroom fireplace.

Saturday: We went for a relaxing sight-seeing drive around the peninsula. A little coffee shop close to Score shop in Kenilworth has incredible sausage rolls and chocolate brownies. We made another fire in the bedroom fireplace to carry us through evening load shedding.

Sunday: Turned out to be a very busy day. I went for a jog/run around Harfield Village. I made a split pea and basil soup. We watched the formula 1. Susan is becoming a convert. Group WhatsApp video chat with Barbs, Julia, Paul, Jill and Benton. Online grocery purchases for us and for mom. Poor mom is very depressed. We watched Ramaphosa’s address where alcohol got banned again.

My work week was divided into: Bug fixing 40%; Testing 40%; Meetings/meeting preparation 20%.

Podcasts listened to this week: <none>

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