Week 462

The week of Jul 13, 2020 – Jul 19, 2020

Some DIY …

Monday: A busy work day. YouTube watching.

Tuesday: Sue made a nice curry. Early to bed. Fire in the bedroom fireplace.

Wednesday: Exercise session with Johnny. Two grocery deliveries, both having less than I’d ordered. Walk around the neighborhood. Load shedding. We played rummy by firelight.

Thursday: Watched movie, YouTube and two series episodes.

Friday: Exercise session with Johnny. I popped in at work to top up the generator and took the opportunity to borrow the work ladder. Chicken dinner then TV watching.

Saturday: A busy DIY day. We assembled the awnings. I did a lot more waterproofing on the roof. Catch-up with mom. Video call with Sue’s father and Marian. Tired.

Sunday: Feeling stuff and sore from yesterday’s work. Second coat of waterproofing. Christmas in July dinner with gammon roast potatoes and vegetables.

My work week was divided into: Testing 60%; Bug fixing 40%.

Podcasts listened to this week: <none>

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Capetonian, software developer, land surveyor.
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