Week 72

The week of 2012/12/24 – 2012/12/30

End of the year exercise push…

Monday: Early morning start: Took Keshan and Nevashnee to the airport, and in and out of gym by 8am. Tried to troubleshoot and simplify my moms TV setup and thereby removed many tens of metres of redundant coax cable from various places. Cooked the gammon, family time.

Tuesday: Christmas day: great family lunch, a walk with Barbs in Tokai. Neither City of God nor Last King of Scotland were worth finish watching.

Wednesday: Finally got back on the mountain bike for a ride in Silvermine – 2012 hasn’t been a good year for regular mtb’ing. Worked on the bureau. Finished reading Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson.

It appears that agreeing to Real Name usage on YouTube forces you into a Google Plus account. Unimpressed.

Thursday: Gym, minor enhancement to Reformatter, planning next small code project.

Hit the 1700 mark on Stack Overflow 8 months after first registering.

Friday: Grocery shopping, short walk in and around Harfield, coding.

Vitality puts me at a three year older age than what I am!

Saturday: Early morning mountain biking in Tokai. Lunch with Mom at Mike’s Kitchen. Worked on the bureau. Organised my music collection with a view to backing-up online somehow.

Sunday: Did weights at gym for a change. Backed-up to box.com and google drive some of my music collection. Cleaned and lubed my bike. Made a nice salad, worked on the bureau, did a bit of coding and for the first time used a couple of C++11 features.


Podcasts listened to this week: Stack Exchange 39;

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