best-fit (C++)

A library and/or command-line program to determine the best fitting line, circle or ellipse for input data approximating that shape.
Another side-line program test-points is provided for generating sample data to test best-fit.
Another side-line program best-fit-demo is provided for a GUI demonstration of what best-fit can do.

Version Check (Android)

An app to check the current versions of software developed by Knowledge Base Pty. (Ltd.)

Move Files (Android)

An app to simplify the moving of files from one public directory to another. I use this almost daily for my podcast listening.

Project Euler solutions (C/C++)

My solutions to the first few Project Euler programming tasks.

Linux scripts (Bash)

I've used Linux as my home pc OS for many years now, and these are some scripts that have made repetitive tasks easy.


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