Week 311

The week of Aug 21, 2017 – Aug 27, 2017

Busy week…

Monday: Gym: squash with Raymond. Casual evening, watched another episode of Taboo. Hot chocolate.

Tuesday: Coursera work: working on the last assignment of course 2.

Wednesday: Gym, session with Johnny. Coursera work.

Thursday: Completed the second Coursera course. it’s been a manic bug fixing week at work. Haircut, admin, tidying up. Blogged about the concave hull project.

Friday: Dentist appointment. Memorial service for Paul’s father. Back to work. Watched two Taboo episodes.

Saturday: Busy morning. Bank visit for new cards. Dropped off the broken glass door for repairs. On the phone to the bank due to the new card being blocked. They’ve really messed me around this week. Phone calls to my sisters. Lunch with mom at the Wild Fig restaurant. Drive to Rhodes Memorial. A little side project coding. Went to the Labia to see Baby Driver, not bad.

Sunday: Gym, grocery shopping. Email. Lunch with mom and watched the Belgian F1 grand Prix. Walk around Tokai Park. Some side project coding, watched an episode of Taboo.

My work week was divided into: 50% bug fixing, 30% testing, 20% documentation;

Podcasts listened to this week: Making It #131, CppCast; BBC Books & Authors; How I Built This; Red Chip Poker; Tim Ferriss #260;

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