Week 74

The week of 2013/01/07 – 2013/01/13

Feeling good…

Monday: Mtb ride in Majik Forest, not as straight forward as I remember. Admin, reading.

Tuesday: Dropped off old clothes at the Disaster Risk Management Centre in Goodwood. Collected a colour print on self-adhesive paper from Jetline Tygervalley – impressed. Finished reading The First Casualty by Ben Elton. Arrived at the quiz only to find it canceled, so I drove Chapman’s Peak drive home instead.

So pleased the podcasters are creating again.

Wednesday: Haircut, gym, spin class, admin, reading.

Thursday: Gym, housework, enrolled for an online course.

Friday: Special poker session with the boys because Greig is in town. Bernard won.

Saturday: Tyres rotated, bought cycling shoes for spinning, at least at first. Sourced Watco teak oil which I’m way pleased about. Bought my first pair of Crocs (verdict: they suck.) Worked on the bureau, walked up Lion’s Head.


Sunday: Ten hour sleep, slow start to the day. Lunch with Mom at Cafe’ Magnifico, worked on the bureau, took bottles and paper to recycling, washed my car, scheme-language readings.

“We gravitate unwittingly to what works in the short term.” Most Lives are Lived by Default, Raptitude.

Podcasts listened to this week: Hanselminutes 0352; FLOSS Weekly 0167; Software Engineering Radio: Doug Schmidt; All About Android 0091; Stack Exchange 40; Hanselminutes 0353;

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